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                       ? Hard Anodized Spun Aluminum
? Ø2"(50mm), Ø4"(100mm), Ø6"(150mm) Body Sizes
? Color Coded Bodies
? Polyethylene available
? Armor Coated available
? Oblong discharge outlet available
? (Custom) Venturi Conveying Cannon




Our patented Air Cannons are available in 2", 4" and 6" diameter and have been designed to deliver higher air stream volumes and velocities over a greater distance than those normally associated with Air Knives.  Air Cannons are capable of delivering a curtain of air measuring over 8500 fpm measured 18” inches from point of Cannon discharge.

Air Cannons are very well suited to deliver a high volume/velocity “curtains" of warm or cool air or multiple individual air streams over a greater distance for the purpose of drying, stripping liquids, removing particulate, static control/cleaning, coatings control and cool-down applications.

Our patented Air Cannons are constructed from anodized spun aluminum with an accelerator insert and machined handle with available pipe clamps for mounting. Optional abrasion and chemical resistant coatings are available.  The unique design allows easy positioning and air stream alignment for maximum drying and cleaning operations.

On many blow off system applications, a combination of both Air Cannons and Air Knives is beneficial.  Individual or a series of Air Cannons and/or Air Knives can be set in motion by means of pneumatic or motor controls.  Please contact us for help designing your blow off needs.


Please click here for informative drawings of our Air Cannons



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