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            ? Low Maintenance Direct Drive
? Non-Sparking, Corrosion Proof Air Stream
? 1 HP (0.75 kW) to 30 HP (22 kW)
? Voltage  230/460V, 575V, 380V, 415V
? 3600rpm, 1800rpm, 3000rpm, 1500rpm
? 250 SCFM (425 m3/hr) to 6550 SCFM (11128 m3/hr)
? TEFC, Wash Down and Explosion Proof Motors
? (VFD) Variable Frequency Motor Drive available
? Inlet Drum Silencer & Filter
? Filtration - Standard Panel Type to HEPA Efficiency
? Venturi Guarded Inlet
? Discharge Silencer Muffler
? Blower Sound Control Enclosures
? Stainless Steel, Galvanized or Aluminized Air Stream



Our full range of low maintenance, direct drive blowers (no bushings, no bearings or belts) built and stocked by AF1 have a sole purpose, to ensure the Air Knives and/or Air Cannons deliver the appropriate air volumes and velocities over as great a distance necessary to meet your process needs and expectations. Over the past 20 years, we have designed, built and supplied blow off systems and stations to industries throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia.


Companies promoting centrifugal (belt driven) blowers designed for unrelated applications, lay claim to their air nozzles delivering air speeds in excess of 25,000 fpm (feet per minute) measured at point of nozzle discharge. Generally speaking, this air speed applies to an "air knife" having a very narrow .075” slot opening which limits the air volume flow per linear inch of air knife resulting in air speeds of under 1400 fpm measured 4” from the nozzle slot opening and dropping rapidy the further out one measures. The narrow slot also tends to plug up in many processes as well lowering overall effectiveness.


Given the wide range of product, shapes and sizes being processed on today's high-speed production lines, this low air volume minimizes the effective range and performance of the air nozzles. You will rarely see one of these high pressure low volume centrifugal, belt driven blowers operating at the end of a large monorail parts washer as they simply do not deliver enough punch when the product is more than three or four inches away from the discharge point of the air nozzle.


Stripping liquids off the surface areas of various sizes of parts that range in height from 2 inch (50 mm) – 6 inch (150 mm) conveyed on a 40 inch (1000 mm) wide belt roller style conveyor.  Our 7.5 HP (5.5 kW), 3600 rpm Air Force 1 blower, feeding two 40 inch (1000 mm) long Air Knives outperformed a belt driven 20 HP centrifugal belt driven blower operating at 40” static pressure attempting to feed the same quantity and lengths of Air Knives.  Air Force 1 blowers ensure that the Air Cannon/Knives deliver the necessary air volume and velocity over a greater distance.

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