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De-Ionizing and Cleaning Stations

Air Force 1 Ionizing Blow Off Systems eliminate static and remove particulate matter from a variety of substrates by combining a static neutralizing bar with our air knives and/or air cannons. Clean, filtered air is supplied to the air knives/cannons by our exclusive range of corrosion resistant Air Force 1 blowers.
Ionizing systems include shock-less static neutralizing bars mounted on Air Force 1 air knives and air cannons delivering positive and negative ions, neutralizing ware surface area as well as removing surface debris. Air Force 1 also design and build dust recovery systems and collection booths.
Particulate matter being held in place by static charge is removed by the airflow delivered from the AF1 system when the surface has been neutralized. By opening and closing the air knife’s opening, the precise volume needed to remove the particulate matter is delivered.

1.1 Principles of Operation

• The static bar houses sharp emitter points, which emit positive and negative ions. The ions are carried to the ware
  surface by the airflow from the air knife; static charge is neutralized; particulate is loosened from the surface and
  carried away by the airflow.
• AF1 air knives are scientifically designed to provide a precise, continuous flow of clean filtered air over ionizing bar
  to the ware surface for static charge removal and cleaning.


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