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Air Force 1 Blow Off Systems Inc. (AF1) was established in 1990. Our focus is designing and manufacturing blower generated blow off systems for use in industrial, manufacturing and assembly related applications as well the food, beverage, defense and packaging industries. At Air Force 1, we manufacture our own line of non-sparking, corrosion resistant blowers; designed and sized specifically for use with our own extensive range of stainless steel and hard anodized Air Knives and armour coated or anodized Air Cannon Nozzles (patented). AF1 are also called upon to custom design and build custom nozzles.

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AF1 understands that your processes are unique and therefore require unique solutions. AF1’s engineering department includes AutoCAD and SolidWorks CAD programs and is able to work directly with you throughout the design process. Concept drawings, markup and approval drawings, assembly drawings and as-built drawings will help ensure your system meets your specific needs before construction begins.

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Our installers are experienced and work efficiently to install your system and optimize performance. Our crews are cleared for international travel, fully trained and insured. Prefer to use your own installers utilizing AF1’s provided CAD drawings? Have an AF1 supervisor travel to your site for install or start-up support.

Our over 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility is purpose-built to handle the construction of blow off system regardless of size. Specialized equipment includes: plasma cutting tables, multiple welding stations, brakes, shears and paint booth. Our pre-staging and testing station will help ensure all systems are checked for component quantities, quality and accuracy before being disassembled and packed prior to shipping.

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