Air Knives



A better air knife design means better performance

For over 30 years, Air Force 1 Blow Off Systems Inc. has been supplying Air Knives for use in blow off stations. We manufacture a wide range of Air Knives designed to deliver the appropriate air volume and velocities necessary to cool, dry, strip liquids, remove particulate matter, neutralize and control static.

Air Force 1 air knife products and engineering

Our Air Knives are scientifically designed to deliver an efficient laminar flow of blower generated air through an adjustable full-length slot orifice. Air Knives are constructed of corrosion resistant, anodized, extruded aluminum or stainless steel, with powder coated flanged ends complete with stainless steel laser cut support collars and U-bolt hardware to easily mount to adjustable pipe clamps. Standard Air Knife lengths range from 6″ to 120″ with specific custom lengths being available.

Air knife with static bar and air knife with adjustable nozzles

Some processes and part designs may require a combination of both Air Knives and Air Cannon Nozzles. Both may be set up in a fixed (manually adjustable) position or set in motion by means of pneumatic, hydraulic or electric controls. Please contact AF1 for help designing a blow off system to suit your needs.

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